Our Child App

The OurChild app was a particularly exciting opportunity for the team at Registered Creative. We’d been an approved Duke University design vendor for years, and this time we had a chance to work with a research team at Duke Information and Child Mental Health Initiative to brand their in-progress app. The finished app was going to be promoted at the launch of Apple’s Research Kit, and we were thrilled to help them prepare for that.

When we were approached, the app was already titled ‘Autism & Beyond.’ The intent behind that name was to imply that a diagnosis shouldn’t stop anyone in their tracks. The Duke team asked parents to record their children with the app, so that they could study and eventually provide doctors and families with useful information about autism behaviors and psychology—beyond the initial diagnosis. Eventually, they received feedback that the name was frequently being mistaken to have a negative implication, and it was subsequently renamed OurChild.

We were able to direct their brand through that change and produce a full brand kit, as well as screenshot mockups and animations to help guide their dev team through production.

The study has since been completed, but you can still read the article feature on Apple’s ResearchKit and CareKit page.