Bland Landscaping Website Design

Art Direction: David Spratte (Registered Creative)
Development: Mark Branly (Registered Creative)
Design and Production: Emily Combs (Registered Creative)

Bland Landscaping, a long-time client of HALO 22 (formerly Registered Creative), came to us to refresh their identity and website as part of a big change to their business. Since Bland began in the mid-70s, they rooted their work in estate gardening and residential landscaping. Their commercial business showed booming growth in recent years, and they decided to shift their brand messaging to prioritize commercial audiences and continue that growth.

Before we could even get started on design, we needed to take a hard look at content and hierarchy. The biggest challenge was puzzling out how to present their services across the vertical markets. We worked closely with the Bland leadership team to refine content strategy and develop a working information architecture for the site. That also gave us good footing to produce corresponding print pieces for the same vertical markets.

From there, we redesigned the site from the bottom up. We moved them off an out-of-date hard coded site and into to a modern publishing platform with much more flexibility. Now, they have a brand new look, and site content that serves their growing presence in the Southeast.

Check out the screenshots below or visit the site.