NC-PAL Website

Art Direction: David Spratte (Registered Creative)
Development: Mark Branly (Registered Creative)
Design and Production: Emily Combs (Registered Creative)

In their third year, North Carolina Psychiatry Access Line (NC-PAL) found themselves in need of something more engaging than a single-page, introductory brochure site. They needed a professional statewide presence to encourage more Primary Care Providers seek out their resources.

The team at HALO 22 (formerly Registered Creative) was happy to help. We always start out with content strategy and hierarchy. Detailed planning helps us make sure that our designs don’t just look great, but they meet the organization’s goals and speak to the right audiences.

For starters, we set them up with a blog and an events publishing platform, including its own search tool. And to our pleasant surprise, they were able to use grant funding to have us build a Medicaid claims data visualization. With the NC-PAL branding we built for them in previous years, the site turned out to be both beautiful and information-rich.

View the live site to see it in action.