I make
pretty things.

Let me start over: I’m a graphic designer.

Pretty’s just one part of it.

Design is more than just looks — it’s communication.

Yes, the final piece should look great. That’s a given.

But to successfully communicate to an audience through a design relies on more informative metrics: messaging, hierarchy, scale, legibility, accessibility, user experience, life span… the list goes on.

If your products aren’t achieving their potential, maybe it’s time to work with the right designer.

It’s also commitment.

My career began with LiveJournal in the early 2000s. I started by offering custom graphics in exchange for LJ Coins (#regrets) and design software licenses.

More than 20 years later, my current work isn’t too different than that — just more professional. Now, my designs are informed by a fine arts degree, 13+ years of industry experience, professional design tools, thoughtful projects, and passion for design that just won’t quit.

You can learn more about me, if you’re feeling curious.

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