I’m a graphic designer with 15+ years of industry experience. I love crafting new identities, designing creative and functional print designs, and styling innovative and professional products for screen. 

My Work

I need to preface this section with some credit: You may see “we” or “our” used in the post writing. That’s because most of my work is done through HALO 22 and is art directed by the Founder and Creative Director, David Spratte

Of course, I’ve also included freelance projects from over the years. There are notes at the end of each post that clarify who was involved on each project by role, and original posts are linked if the work was done for an agency. 

That said, my involvement on each project is deep—I’m proud to claim these designs (with permission!) in my portfolio.




Like what you see?

While I’m not accepting freelance design work at this time, you can start a project with HALO 22. If design is involved, it’ll be me!

Need something else? Want to share some feelings about my work? Send me a message.