Urban Tails Veterinary Hospital Identity and Print Materials

Art Direction: David Spratte (Registered Creative)
Design and Production: Emily Combs (Registered Creative)
Sign Production: Capital Sign Solutions
Pens are a great example of where you might need a secondary logo layout to keep your brand name readable.

As a Parent of Two Cats, this piece was especially fun to work on.

Dr. Jennie Bennett and her team advertise the UTVH practice with “A fear free approach to veterinary medicine.” They wanted their new identity to combine the approachable quality of the practice with a touch of a vintage vibe to fit the Durham, NC landscape.

So, we created a flexible identity for them to roll out with: a seal as the “primary” logo, and a horizontal logo for instances where the seal would not scale legibly. They had already selected colors for the paints in the clinic by the time we kicked off the project, so we adapted those into their logo so their new ID could fit right in.

From there, we developed a brand guide, and helped them produce some starter swag pieces for their grand opening—including dog bandanas and pens for the office.

Check out Urban Tails Veterinary Hospital on Instagram if you like looking at photos of adorable pets wearing the swag we created! Below are a couple of my favorites from their account.