eCourts Brand Refresh

This year, it was time for eCourts to get a brand refresh. From the logo, the fonts, and the color palette, we redesigned to reflect changes in technology, partners, and attendees.

NC-PAL Identity Refresh

After six years of tremendous expansion beyond the original scope, it was time to revisit the NC-PAL identity to ensure it supports all the work they’ll be doing.

CTC Brand Refresh

We leverage what we’ve learned over the years, sweating the details to bring about an intentional update to the branding of the world’s largest court technology conference.

The Bullpen: Downtown Durham Social District Identity

When the NC House and Senate passed a bill in September 2021 allowing social districts in the state, cities across North Carolina got to work setting theirs up. Downtown Durham’s plans were already in progress when they approached us to name, brand, and create materials for the social district.

Skate Raleigh

Some of our friends in Raleigh are working hard to build a temporary skatepark to activate underused land in a core part of the city. We built a quick ship identity to help them get their feet off the ground.

Downtown Durham Feast

Art Direction: David Spratte (HALO 22)

Design and Production: Emily Combs (HALO 22)